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HDReady or FullHD Display
Berlin, 2008-11-12, It seems like only yesterday that high-definition TVs were being touted as the ultimate in colour and clarity. And many believed it: more than 5.000 in Great Britain and more than 25.000 HD-ready televisions have been sold in Germany since 2005. But now an even newer standard, called full-HD, is being hawked that promises to deliver even better picture quality.

So what’s the difference? In straightforward terms, a full-HD screen consists of more lines of pixels than a standard HD-ready set, and the more lines that a screen contains the better the picture quality it can theoretically offer. Full-HD TVs have 1,920 vertical lines and 1,080 horizontal ones. However, it is the horizontal number that is commonly used for comparison and regular HD-ready sets have 768, while standard definition (SD) models have just 576 visible lines.

The set makers claim that this means full-HD models offer pictures with finer detail and more subtle colours. The reason is that most HD programmes, such as Sky’s pay-TV broadcasts or Premiere have 1,080 horizontal lines and HD-ready sets must perform some digital jiggery pokery to display these pictures. A full-HD set can show this HD footage without resizing the images.

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